Looking For

Looking For

released 1998.02.25
1020 yen (5% tax included)

This is the 8th solo single released by Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Looking For
  2. Oozora no Karegata he
  3. Looking For (karaoke)

"Mariko Kouda" is written on the cover beneath the title and she is wearing a grayish-blue sweater with green speckles. Front is a bust shot, head tilted slightly to her left, hair coming down and fanning out over her right shoulder, with trees in the background.

On the back, she's posing upright while holding left elbow in right hand with hair resting on right shoulder. There is a small picture of her holding a model plane (her head is cropped out) underneath the main picture on the back.

Looking For is definitely one of the, if not _the_, best songs she's ever done. It starts fast, goes into a frenzied synthesizer riff, then shifts down a few notches, slowly building up again in tempo with guitar licks and drums.

The coupling song starts off slow with acoustic guitar, building up to a faster tempo with a synthesizer riff.

[information provided by Johann Chua]

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