My Best Friend

My Best Friend (國府田マリ子)
released 1998.02.25
3059 yen (5% tax included)
total time 74:36

This is a "best" album by Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. [4:48] Watashi ga Tenshi Dattara Iinoni (私が天使だったらいいのに)
  2. [4:41] Ame nochi Special (雨のちスペシャル)
  3. [3:31] Kaze ga Tomaranai -TV Size Version- (風がとまらない)
  4. [5:55] Mimi Kaki wo Shiteiruto (みみかきをしていると)
  5. [4:29] Yume ha Hitori Mirumono Janai (夢はひとりみるものじゃない)
  6. [5:03] Egao de Aishiteru (笑顔で愛してる)
  7. [4:08] Machibuse (まちぶせ)
  8. [4:27] Moment
  9. [4:58] Saigo no Yakusoku (最後の約束)
  10. [5:45] Love Story Nyuumon (恋愛物語入門 (1) 初歩の初歩)
  11. [3:46] KISS
  12. [5:14] Pure -Live Version-
  13. [4:00] Bokura no Suteki (僕らのステキ)
  14. [3:38] Happy! Happy! Happy!
  15. [5:49] Horizon -Radio Version-
  16. [4:24] Twin Memories -Live Version-
The first pressing comes in a tri-fold case, and there are CD case sized stickers of Mariko's previous album covers. There is also a Mariko discography inside the lyrics booklet.

HD's opinions

For people who can't afford to get all of Mariko's CDs and CD singles, this is the CD to get. It has all of her singles, and some other popular songs (from Twinbee Paradise and Marmalade Boy).

I'm glad "Machibuse" was included. (^_^;) I hadn't heard Mariko's version before, but it's very good.

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