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  • Vivid

    Vivid (國府田マリ子)

    Konami KICA-7673
    3000 yen
    released 1995.09.05

    This is a solo album by Kouda Mariko.

    The songs are as follows.

    1. My Love -Aisurutoiu Hisoyakasa- overture
      (My Love 〜愛するというひそやかさ〜 overture)
    2. Imaaru Yuuki (いまある勇気)
    3. Mimikaki wo Shiteiruto (みみかきをしていると) -album version-
    4. Natsu no Hate (夏の果て)
    5. Nagaame (長雨)
    6. Ai no Crazy Apron (愛の Crazy エプロン)
    7. Nadekata no Nagaiyoru (なで肩の長い夜)
    8. Celery no KISS Hakka no Tabacco (セロリの KISS ハッカの煙草)
    9. Moonlight Bijutsukan (ムーンライト美術館)
    10. Komorebi no Illusion (木もれ陽のイリュージョン)
    11. Heart ga Heaven (ハートが天国[Heaven])
    12. Sayonara wo Shinjiteiru (さよならを信じている)
    13. My Love -Aisurutoiu Hisoyakasa- (My Love 〜愛するというひそやかさ〜)
    The front cover has Mariko lying on the ground, smiling and wearing a red checkered jacket. The back cover has Mariko running with her dog.

    The 20 page lyrics booklet has many pictures of Mariko in various clothes. The back cover of the lyrics booklet has Mariko lying on the ground, smiling and looking at the camera.

    The first pressing of this CD comes in a cardboard box case, and the CD itself has a color picture of Mariko running with her dog. The box has the same pictures as the CD covers.

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