My Little Wing

My Little Wing (Lovedol)

released 2003.08.15
1500 yen

This CD is the debut single for the group Lovedol.

This CD came out before the anime, and the Lovedol members are the first generation members.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Communication Lost?! [Fukui Yukari, Kawai Kumi]
  2. 光射す彼方の空 [Nogawa Sakura]
  3. 君からのそよ風 [Kawasumi Ayako]
  4. Communication Lost?! (off vocal ver.)
  5. 光射す彼方の空 (off vocal ver.)
  6. 君からのそよ風 (off vocal ver.)
The cast of Lovedol is as follows.

Hiwatari AyaKawasumi Ayako
Arisugawa YuiNogawa Sakura
Houjou MinaFukui Yukari
Houjou ChinaKawai Kumi

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