Love Live! Duo Single 1 Mermaid festa vol.2

Love Live! Duo Single 1 Mermaid Festa vol.2

released 2012.04.25
1300 yen

This CD contains vocals and a short audio drama for the Love Live (ラブライブ) School Idol Project.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Mermaid festa vol.2 -Passionate- (Nitta Emi, Iida Riho)
  2. Someday of My Life (Nitta Emi)
  3. 恋のシグナル Rin rin rin! (Iida Riho)
  4. Mermaid festa vol.2 -Passionate- (Off Vocal)
  5. Someday of My Life (Off Vocal)
  6. 恋のシグナル Rin rin rin (Off Vocal)
  7. ほのりん、あなたを起こしに来ました! (mini drama)
Songs and talk by Nitta Emi (新田恵海) and Iida Riho (飯田里穂).

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