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  • Heart to Heart

    Heart to Heart (Muse)

    released 2015.10.28
    1200 yen+tax

    This CD contains collaboration songs for the smartphone game Love Live School Idol Festival.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Heart to Heart
    2. Arashi no Naka no Koidakara (嵐のなかの恋だから)
    3. Heart to Heart (Off Vocal)
    4. Arashi no Naka no Koidakara (Off Vocal)
    Songs by the seiyuu group Muse (μ's).

    The first pressing of this CD came with a serial code for the game to get three SR cards. The code expires on January 31, 2016.

    There are three different sets of 3 cards, for a total of 9 SR cards. Each CD has one of them randomly.

    set SR cards
    A Honoka, Maki, Nozomi
    B Umi, Hanayo, Nico
    C Eli, Kotori, Rin

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