Pricipal (Aida Rikako)

released 2019.06.19
3500 yen+tax

This CD+DVD package contains the first solo mini album by Aida Rikako (逢田梨香子).

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. Future Line
  2. Ordinary Love
  3. Azlight Blue (アズライトブルー)
  4. Kimi ga Kureta Hikari (君がくれた光)
  5. I Will
This package comes in a cardboard box, and there is a 40 page photo booklet. The booklet is mostly color photos, but there are also monchome photos.

The DVD contains 18 minutes of video. There is a promo video of "Future Line" and a making of video. The last 2 minutes was a short interview of Rikako.

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