released 2014.01.29
1200 yen

This CD contains theme song for the smartphone game Love Live School Idol Festival.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Takaramonozu (タカラモノズ)
  2. Paradise Live
  3. Takaramonozu (Off Vocal)
  4. Paradise Live (Off Vocal)
Songs by the group Muse (μ's).

The first pressing of this CD came with a serial code for the game to get three SR cards. The code expires on July 31, 2014.

There are three different sets of 3 cards, for a total of 9 SR cards. Each CD has one of them randomly.

set SR cards
A Honoka, Maki, Nozomi
B Umi, Hanayo, Nico
C Eli, Kotori, Rin

These SR cards are similar to the previous SR cards given away in the magazines. They are stronger than the R cards, but not as strong as the event SR or normal SR card. But the skills of these SR are same as the R cards, so it's easy to build up the skill level of these SR cards.










Oricon rankings

Because of the serial code, this CD sold very well and was sold out at all shops in the Akihabara area for most of the first week.

It also placed first in the Oricon singles daily rankings on 1/30.

date ranking
01/28 4th
01/29 5th
01/30 1st
01/31 3rd
02/01 2nd
02/02 10th
02/03 5th
02/04 18th
02/05 12th
02/06 11th
02/07 11th
02/08 2nd
02/09 3rd
02/10 18th
02/11 12th
02/12 16th
02/13 10th
02/14 8th
02/15 7th
02/16 9th
02/17 9th
02/18 --
02/19 30th
02/20 22nd
02/21 13th
02/22 12th
02/23 10th
02/24 13th
02/25 --
02/26 --
02/27 27th
02/28 18th
03/01 24th
03/02 22nd
03/03 16th

For the weekly rankings, it placed 4th for the week of 1/27-2/2, 10th for the week of 2/3-2/9, 13th for the week of 2/10-2/16, 20th for the week of 2/17-2/23, and 29th for the week of 2/24-3/2.

For the monthly rankings, it placed 7th for January, and 15th for February.

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