Lucky Star Ending Theme Shuu

Lucky Star Ending Theme Shuu -Aru Hi no Karoke Box-

released 2007.07.11
2500 yen

This CD contains the ending songs to the TV anime Lucky Star (らき☆すた).

The tracks are as follows.

Drama Part (ドラマパート)

  1. [episode 1] 宇宙鉄人キョーダイン
  2. [episode 2] 勝利だ!アクマイザー3
  3. [episode 3] それが、愛でしょう
  4. [episode 4] セーラー服と機関銃
  5. [episode 5] CHA-LA-HEAD-CHA-LA
  6. [episode 6] バレンタイン・キッス
  7. [episode 7] 地上の星
  8. [episode 8] Monkey Magic
  9. [episode 9] 木枯らしに抱かれて
  10. [episode 10] I'm proud
  11. [episode 11] ドラエもんのうた
  12. [episode 12] 負けないで

Uta Part (歌パート)

  1. 宇宙鉄人キョーダイン (Hirano Aya)
  2. 勝利だ!アクマイザー3 (Hirano Aya)
  3. それが、愛でしょう (Hirano Aya)
  4. セーラー服と機関銃 (Katou Emiri)
  5. CHA-LA-HEAD-CHA-LA (Hirano Aya)
  6. バレンタイン・キッス (Fukuhara Kaori)
  7. 地上の星 (Endou Aya)
  8. Monkey Magic (Hirano Aya)
  9. 木枯らしに抱かれて (Hirano Aya)
  10. I'm proud (Katou Emiri)
  11. ドラエもんのうた (Hirano Aya, Katou Emiri, Fukuhara Kaori, Endou Aya)
  12. 行け! ゴッドマン (Hirano Aya)
  13. 負けないで (Hirano Aya, Katou Emiri, Fukuhara Kaori, Endou Aya)
The drama part contains talk and a short version of the songs. All of the songs get chopped off.

The song part contains full length versions of the songs without that much talk.

The full length "Valentine Kiss" contains the calls and cheers by Konata (Hirano Aya).

The full length "Monkey Magic" is mostly Konata talking because she can't read English.

Songs and talk by Hirano Aya (平野綾), Katou Emiri (加藤英美里), Fukuhara Kaori (福原香織), Endou Aya (遠藤綾).

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