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  • My Angel

    My Angel (明智舞衣)

    Vital Music Japan VMJ-0001
    released 1998.08.21
    2000 yen
    around 27 minutes

    Akechi Mai is a character from a radio drama in the game Doki Doki On Air.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. 3:32 Yuu-kun no Haran na Kyuujitu -Asahen- (ユウくんの波瀾な休日〜朝編〜)
    2. 3:43 My Angel
    3. 3:29 Yuu-kun no Haran na Kyuujitu -Hiruhen- (ユウくんの波瀾な休日〜昼編〜)
    4. 4:43 ごめんね (Gomenne)
    5. 3:41 Yuu-kun no Haran na Kyuujitu -Yoruhen- (ユウくんの波瀾な休日〜夜編〜)
    6. 3:43 My Angel [voiceless version]
    7. 4:43 Gomenne [voiceless version]
    My Angel is the theme song to the game Doki Doki On Air 2. Gomenne is a new song. Both songs are sung by Toyoshima Machiko (豊嶋真千子).

    In addition to the two songs by Mai My Angel and Gomenne, there are three short drama tracks.

    The cast is as follows.

    Akechi MaiToyoshima Machiko
    Kobayashi YuukiNoda Junko
    Tachibana ToshioNojima Kenji

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