Radish Roxs First Impact

Radish Roxs First Impact
Vybe Music VBCD-0010 (WQCV-0027)
2200 yen
released 1998.01.24

This was the independent label debut of the new seiyuu group Radish Roxs. Their "major label" debut is supposed to be later this year.

This is kind of a meta-CD, as it is a recording of the recording of the songs, as well as conversations/events before, after, and between song recordings. While there are three songs and four drama tracks on this CD, only the songs are labeled.

  1. Drama Track 1
    My Energy
  2. Drama Track 2
    Kienai Yuuki (消えない勇気)
  3. Drama Track 3
    Eien janai (永遠じゃない)
  4. Drama Track 4
All three songs are fast, inspirational rock-style music.

The members of Radish Roxs are Toyoshima Machiko (豊嶋真千子), Asada Yoko (浅田葉子), Konishi Hiroko (小西寛子), Shibahara Chiyako (芝原チヤコ), and Okada Kanako.

[information by Joe Petrow]

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