Tongari Tenshi

Steeple Angel -とんがり天使- (豊嶋真千子)

Columbia COCX-30158
released 1998.11.21
2100 yen

This is the first solo album by Toyoshima Machiko (豊嶋真千子).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Anataga Irukara (あなたがいるから)
  2. Set Me Free
  3. Jibun no Ichiban (自分のいちばん)
  4. Steeple Angel -Tongari Tenshi- (とんがり天使)
  5. Rock'n Princess (ロックンプリンセス)
  6. Watashi ha Machiko -New Version- (私はマチコ)
  7. Anataga Irukara -Remix Version- (あなたがいるから)
  8. Nami Oto (波音)

There are only three new songs on this CD: Steeple Angel a slow song, Rock'n Princess a fast song, and Nami Oto a slow song. The other songs have been released on her previous singles, Jibun no Ichiban and Anataga Irukara.

There was a set of three postcards given away to those who reserved this at major CD stores.
[postcard 1] [postcard 2] [postcard 3]

[photo] There was also a series of events for the promotion of this CD. The one in Tokyo took place on 1998.11.21, and Machiko gave away a photograph.