Anime Theme Song Collection

Anime Theme Song Collection

Victor Entertainment VICL-5333
2500 yen
released 1996.10.23
approximately 79 minutes

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 約束はいらない (No Need to Promise) sung by Sakamoto Maaya
  2. 今宵ランデブー (Tonight's Rendezvous) sung by Sakurai Tomo
  3. 恋をするなら (If You Love Me) sung by Miyamura Yuko
  4. Wonderful Bravo! sung by Mieno Hitomi
  5. Seventh Moon sung by Fire Bomber featuring Fukuyama Yoshiki
  6. My Friends sung by Fire Bomber featuring Kajiura Chie
  7. Real Dream sung by Yasui Yasui Yarei
  8. 今日より明日は... (From Today, As for Tomorrow) sung by Kasamatsu Miki
  9. 少年の羽 (Boy's Wing) sung by Arai Akino
  10. 輝け!! ダグオン (Shine!! Dagwon) sung by Nieve
  11. はじまりの冒険者たち 光の地図 (Original Adventurers-Light Map) sung by Mieno Hitomi
  12. Baby, Baby (Anime Express Theme Song) sung by Sakurai Tomo
  13. 倖せを咲かせましょう (Let's Bloom Happiness) sung by Koyasu Takehito, Seki Toshihiko and Tano Megumi
  14. 気楽にいこう (Let's Take it Easy) sung by Murata Kazumi
  15. Bronze 殉教 (Bronze Martyrdom) sung by Nanjo Koji
  16. 天壌の風 (Heaven and Earth's Wind) sung by Nakamura Yusuke
  17. Heart & Soul sung by Emilia with Fukuyama Yoshiki
[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]
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