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  • Live Fire!! Fire Bomber

    Live Fire!! Fire Bomber

    Victor Entertainment VICL-2158
    2000 yen
    released 1995.08.23
    approximately 29 minutes

    This is a CD of the Macross 7 live that took place on 1995.05.21.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. 突撃ラブハート(Love Heart Assault)
      [sung by Hayashi Nobutoshi and Sakurai Tomo]
    2. Remember 16 [sung by Hayashi Nobutoshi]
    3. My Friends [sung by Sakurai Tomo]
    4. Sweet Fantasy [sung by Sakurai Tomo]
    5. Planet Dance [sung by Hayashi Nobutoshi and Sakurai Tomo]
    6. Light the Light
      [sung by Hayashi Nobutoshi and Sakurai Tomo, joined near the end by Fukuyama Yoshiki and Kajiura Chie of Fire Bomber in a surprise appearance]

    [information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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