Macross the Tribute

Macross the Tribute

Victor Entertainment VICL-60991
2100 yen
released 2002.11.07
approximately 37 minutes

The tracks are as follows.

  1. マクロス (Macross) sung by Fukuyama Yoshiki
  2. 私の彼はパイロット (My Boyfriend Is a Pilot) sung by Ali Project
  3. 愛・おぼえていますか (Do You Remember the Love?)
    chorus lead and arranged by Ueno Yoko
  4. もう一度Love You (Love You Once Again) sung by Sakurai Tomo
  5. Voices sung by Kasahara Hiroko
  6. Seventh Moon performed by MIQ
  7. Planet Dance sung by Kageyama Hironobu
  8. Angel Voice sung by Iijima Mari

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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