Macross Digital Mission VFX Original Soundtrack

Macross Digital Mission VFX Original Soundtrack

Victor Entertainment VICL-789
3000 yen
released 1997.03.21
approximately 43 minutes

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Try Again sung by Fire Bomber
  2. 作戦会議 (Tactical Meeting) (Instrumental)
  3. Mission Start (Instrumental)
  4. ドッグ・ファイター (Dogfighter) (Instrumental)
  5. 大気圏稿入 (Atmosphere Penetration) (Instrumental)
  6. First Battle (Instrumental)
  7. Mission Failed (Instrumental)
  8. 市街戦 (Urban Battle) (Instrumental)
  9. リアトリス救出 (Liatrice Rescue) (Instrumental)
  10. エリュシオン軌道上 (In Eleutian Orbit) (Instrumental)
  11. Invisible Fight (Instrumental)
  12. モーリィ救出 (Morley Rescue) (Instrumental)
  13. 母艦バルハラ救出 (Mothership Valhalla Rescue) (Instrumental)
  14. 敵基地潜入 (Enemy Base Infiltration) (Instrumental)
  15. フリージア救出 (Freezia Rescue) (Instrumental)
  16. 敵要塞司令室 (Enemy Base Control Room) (Instrumental)
  17. 敵工場地帯 (Enemy Factory Area) (Instrumental)
  18. ビオレッタ救出 (Violetta Rescue) (Instrumental)
  19. Last Operation (Instrumental)
  20. 最終決戦 (Final Battle) (Instrumental)
  21. アオイ救出 (Aoi Rescue) (Instrumental)
  22. Only You sung by Milky Dolls
  23. 虹のパレット (Rainbow Palette) sung by Milky Dolls

The cast of the Milky Dolls is as follows.

AoiSakurai Tomo
ReatriceInoue Kikuko
MollyMitsuishi Kotono
ViolettaImai Yuka
FrediaNamiki Noriko

[information provided by Gary L. Blickhan]

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