S@ng Once

L@ve once Mermaid's Tears Character Song Collection
S@ng Once

released 2011.05.25
2625 yen

This CD contains character songs for the Playstation 3 game L@ve Once Mermaid's Tears.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Far Away [Miyazaki Ui]
  2. Water Flower [Satou Satomi]
  3. First Love [Hirayama Emi]
  4. Naturally [Teramoto Yukika]
  5. Will be [Kitamura Eri]
  6. Jun'ai Flag [Hikasa Youko]
  7. Far Away (inst. ver)
  8. Water Flower (inst. ver)
  9. First Love (inst. ver)
  10. Naturally (inst. ver)
  11. Will be (inst. ver)
  12. Jun'ai Flag (inst. ver)
Songs by Miyazaki Ui (ܺ걩), Satou Satomi (ƣ), Hirayama Emi, Teramoto Yukika, Kitamura Eri (¿¼), Hikasa Youko (ۻ).

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