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  • Ui1

    Ui1 (Miyazaki Ui)

    released 2009.08.26
    3150 yen

    This CD+DVD package contains the first solo album by Miyazaki Ui (宮崎羽衣).

    The CD tracks are as follows.

    2. KURENAI
    3. Kibou no Sora (希望の空)
    4. time -Bokura ga Mada Shiranai Chikara- (僕らがまだ知らないチカラ)
    5. Kizuna no Uta (キズナノ唄)
    6. Time Limit
    7. Kirenai Knife (キレナイナイフ)
    9. Uchuu no Stencil (宇宙のステンシル)
    10. Fates
    11. Happy Succession
    12. Oui!! -Uiui Fallin' Love- (ういうい☆ Fallin'love)
    13. Kimi he Okuru Hana (キミへ贈る花)
    Many of the songs have been previously released on CD singles for various anime and games.

    The DVD contains promo videos and commercial clips of Ui's songs. Kurenai, Phosphor, Happy Succession, and Kizuna no Uta. Some of these videos have been previously released in CD+DVD packages.

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