Be With You

Be With You (Nakajima Megumi)

released 2012.03.07
4830 yen

This CD+DVD contains the second solo album by Nakajima Megumi (中島愛).

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. Wake Up!
  2. TRY UNITE! -extended version-
  3. Melody (メロディ)
  4. Koi (恋)
  5. FLY
  6. Natsudori (夏鳥)
  7. Uchuuteki DON-DOKO-DON (宇宙的 DON-DOKO-DON)
  8. Hello!
  9. Tsunagaru Made (つながるまで)
  10. Sukissu! KISS!! (好キッス! KISS!!)
  11. Kamisama no Itazura (神様のいたずら)
  12. Kin-iro -Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Yokatta (金色 -君を好きになってよかった)
The first pressing contains a 44 page all color photo booklet.

The DVD contains around 40 minutes of video from Megumi's live of June 4, 2011 at Liquid Room in Ebisu.