Negima 4 Gatsu Kagurazaka Asuna

Negima 4 Gatsu Kagurazaka Asuna

released 2004.01.21
1050 yen

This is the first CD in the classmate series for the students of Mahou-sensei Negima.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Asuna's Voice
  2. Itsudatte Love & Dream
  3. Itsudatte Love & Dream (Remix version)
  4. Itsudatte Love & Dream (Instrumental version)
  5. Kagurazaka Asuna mini drama "Jibun de nantoka suru wayo!"
  6. Cast free talk
Songs by Kagurazaka Asuna, voice by Kanda Akemi (ΏΐΕΔΌλΜ€).

Track 1 is only 5 seconds.

Track 5 is a 4 minute drama by Asuna

Track 6 is a 3 minute talk by Akemi. She talks about being chosen to be Asuna. For the audition, the girls were told not to read the Negima manga, so they can just be themselves. After finding out that she was Asuna, Akemi read the manga to find out more about her. She said she is looking forward to doing Negima.

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