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  • Negima 9 Gatsu Undoubu Nakayoshi 4 Ningumi

    Negima 9 Gatsu Undoubu Nakayoshi 4 Ningumi

    released 2004.06.23
    1050 yen

    This CD is in the classmate series for the students of Mahou-sensei Negima.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Yuna, Akira, Makie, Ako's voice
    2. Glow Wild
    3. Glow Wild (Remix ver.)
    4. Glow Wild (Instrumental ver.)
    5. Undoubu Nakayoshi 4 ningumi mini drama "Daigekitou Smash Ping Pong"
    6. cast free talk
    Songs and talk by Akashi Yuna (Kimura Madoka), Ohkouchi Akira (Yamamoto Azumi, Asakura Azumi (Ұ) ) Sasaki Makie ( Horie Yui (ٹͳ) ), Izumi Ako (Yamakawa Kotomi).

    Track 1 is around 18 seconds, with short monologues by each character.

    Track 5 is a 8 minute drama by the four characters.

    Track 6 is a 4 minute talk by the four seiyuu. Since the four characters are on sports teams, they talked about sports. They all said that they weren't good at doing sports, but the liked to watch sports.

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