Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo

春猫不思議月夜ーおしえて Happinessー (林原めぐみ)
Touch Me Softly

1000 yen
released 1992.08.05

This CD contains the songs for the OAV Bannou Bunka Nekomusume.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 春猫不思議月夜ーおしえて Happinessー
    Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness-
  2. Touch Me Softly
  3. Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness- (original karaoke)
Songs by Hayashibara Megumi (林原めぐみ).

The front cover has a picture of Nuku Nuku, and the back cover has a picture of Megumi in a fancy white dress.

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