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  • Night Wizard Characters vol 4

    Night Wizard The Animation Characters Vol 4
    ベール=ゼファー (Bell Zephyr)

    released 2007.12.21
    1890 yen

    This CD contains an image song and audio drama for the TV anime Night Wizard.

    The tracks are as follows.
    1. Darkness
    2. CD drama episode 4
    3. Free Talk
    4. Darkness (karaoke)
    Song and talk by Gotou Yuuko (後藤邑子).
    The cast of the drama is as follows.

    Bell ZephyrGotou Yuuko
    Hiiragi RenjiYanagi Naoki
    Lion GuntaYuzuki Ryouka
    Shihou ElisMiyazaki Ui
    Akabane KurehaSatou Rina

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