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  • Saita

    Saita (Nogawa Sakura)

    released 2003.02.05
    3000 yen

    This CD is the first solo album by Nogawa Sakura (野川さくら).

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. "treble clef" "eighth note"
    2. Kaze no Naka no Shounen (風の中の少年)
    3. Kare to Kanojo to Watashi (かれと彼女とわたし)
    4. Hoshi no Furu Oka (星の降る丘)
    5. Good Morning ~nyahho~ (にゃっほ)
    6. Orange no Kuchibeni (オレンジの口紅)
    7. Oasis (オアシス)
    8. Tobikiri Sakura Gumi (とびきりさくら組)
    9. Himawari no Tane (ひまわりの種)
    10. Soyokaze no Rondo (そよ風のロンド)
    11. Mother
    12. White Song
    13. Gunnyaan (ぐっにゃーん) [Saita version]
    14. "quarter note rest" "bold double barline"
    The names of the first and last tracks are just two musical symbols.

    There are several nice color photos of Sakura in the lyrics booklet.

    Sakura is wearing a white outfit in all of the photos, and she is with a cat in many of them.

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