Tenohira no Naka no Lupica

Tenohira no Naka no Lupica (Nogawa Sakura)

released 2006.04.12
3000 yen

This CD is the fourth solo album by Nogawa Sakura (野川さくら).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Pear!
  2. Hadashi de Ikimasho! -Nude on Melody- (裸足でいきましょ)
  3. Kimi no Motohe -By Myself- (君のもとへ)
  4. Lupica (ルピカ)
  5. Tadaima! (ただいま)
  6. Tochuu made no Houteishiki (途中までの方程式)
  7. Cherish
  8. Himitsu no Hako (秘密の箱)
  9. Sora no Hanazono (空の花園)
  10. Always
  11. Shitsuren Kinenbi (失恋記念日)
  12. Milk Tea (ミルクティー)
  13. Motto! (もっっと)
This CD comes in a cardboard box package. The front cover has the same photo of Sakura, but the back cover has a different photo.

There is a 20 page color booklet containing many color photos of Sakura.

The lyrics are printed on a large folded sheet, like an old LP record lyrics sheet.

"Shitsuren Kinenbi" is a cover of an old jpop song, but the arrangement is different.

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