U La Ra

U La Ra (Nogawa Sakura)

released 2004.03.01
3500 yen

This CD+DVD package contains a solo album by Nogawa Sakura (野川さくら). This is Sakura's second album.

The packaging is a double-width cardboard box, with two standard cases inside, for the CD and DVD.

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. 卒業アルバムの中の無傷な夢
  2. Snow to Spring
  3. Kuusou Pilot (空想パイロット)
  4. SAKURAマジック~しあわせになろう~
  5. 言えないけど…大好き
  6. 万里の途
  7. マシュマロ♪たいむ
  8. サイケデリック☆55
  9. So Sweet
  10. 愛の嵐
  11. Hello my love
  12. にゃんきゅ~♪
  13. Happy Merry Cherry Blossoms
  14. U・La・Ra ~宴~
The DVD contains a promo video of "Kuusou Pilot". There is also a 20 minute "making of" video called "U La Ra History".

There are many color photo of Sakura in the lyrics booklet.

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