Ai Ranger

Ai Ranger (Nonaka Ai)

released 2010.01.27
3990 yen

This CD+DVD package contains a best album by Nonaka Ai (). It contains all of Ai's previous singles, some album songs, and two new songs.

The CD tracks are as follows.
  1. Yume no Drive
  2. Hatsukoi Frill
  3. Kaze no Radio
  4. Love @ Messenger
  5. Shiawase no Tane
  6. Espresso
  7. Yukinamiki
  8. Cheer Ruga!
  9. Ureshi Naki
  10. Cacao 85
  11. Donna Toki datte
  12. Datte Anata ha Anata dakara
  13. Voice
  14. Kira Kira
  15. Motto
  16. [new song] Minna no Uta
  17. [new song] Fight!!

The CD comes in a cardboard box, and the cover pictures are different from the jacket and case pictures.

The lyrics booklet is 36 pages, all color, and contains many photos of Ai in her Ranger outfits: Ai Green, Ai Yellow, Ai Red, Ai Blue, Ai Pink.

The DVD contains 52 minutes of video. All of Ai's previously released promo videos are on the DVD. There is also a promo video of the new song "Minna no Uta".

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