Ai no Uta

Ai no Uta (あいのうた)
Nonaka Ai (野中藍)

released 2006.02.01
3000 yen

This is the first solo album by Nonaka Ai (野中藍).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 初恋フリル
  2. 夢のドライブ
  3. スノー・ホワイト・グラフィティ
  4. ピース!
  5. 風のラジオ
  6. 黒猫の瞳
  7. はじめての日曜日
  8. エスカレーターライダー
  9. fairy
  10. アイノウタ
  11. epilogue -あいのうた
The first pressing of this CD (KICS-91210) comes with a CD case sized calendar of Nonaka Ai. There is one cover sheet, and six two-sided calendar sheets. The calendar goes from February 2006 to January 2007.

The CD jewel case is slightly thicker than usual. The jacket booklet is an all color 40 page booklet containing lots of photos of Ai.