Ao no Kiseki

Ao no Kiseki (Noto Mamiko)

released 2011.11.23
2000 yen

This CD+DVD package contains the first solo single by Noto Mamiko (能登麻美子).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Ao no Kiseki (青のキセキ)
  2. Meguri Kuru Hibi (巡り来る日々)
  3. Ao no Kiseki (Instrumental)
  4. Meguri Kuru Hibi (Instrumental)
The lyrics to both songs written by Mamiko.

"Ao no Kiseki" is the theme song to Mamiko's radio show.

The DVD contains a promo video of "Ao no Kiseki", and a 5 minute "making of" video.

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