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  • Noto Mamiko Character Song Collection

    Noto Mamiko Character Song Collection

    released 2009.02.25
    3000 yen

    This is a solo ablum by Noto Mamiko (能登麻美子). It contains character songs and monologue for Mamiko's previous anime characters.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Kimi he no Tabi (君への旅)
    2. Monologue [Azuma Hazuki meets Lilica Evett]
    3. Feel the Glow
    4. Yuugao -album version- (夕顔)
    5. Monologue [Ana Coppola]
    6. Made in Onnanoko (Made in 女の子)
    7. Zinc White (ジンク・ホワイト)
    8. MORE...
    9. Monologue [Satou Ayano]
    10. Harukaze (春風)
    11. Monologue [Satou Ayano meets Amaha Masane]
    12. Ashita no Te (あしたの手)
    13. Monologue [Amaha Masane meets Shihou Matsuri]
    14. Yasou no Hibi ni (夜想の日々に)
    15. Monologue [Shihou Matsuri meets Konoe Fumina]
    16. Kaze no Yukue (風の行方)
    17. Monologue [Konoe Fumina meets Watarase Kinu]
    18. strawberry story
    19. Monologue [Watarase Kinu meets Shijou Mitsuki]
    20. Aozora loop (Shijou Mitsuki ver.) -album version- (青空 loop)
    21. Monologue [Shijou Mitsuki]
    22. Taisetsu na Koto (たいせつなこと)
    23. Sono Basho he (その場所へ)

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