Scoop! (Kawasumi Ayako, Noto Mamiko)

released 2006.12.20
1575 yen

This CD+DVD package contains the opening and ending songs to the Bunka Housou radio show Pony Canyon Style Maruabi!?

The CD tracks are as follows.
  1. Scoop!
  2. 7 Days After
  3. Scoop! (karaoke)
  4. 7 Days After (karaoke)
Songs by Kawasumi Ayako () and Noto Mamiko (ǽ).

The DVD contains promo videos of "Scoop" and "7 Days After", and some making of video. There is a total of 15 minutes of video.

The "Scoop!" video has Ayako and Mamiko doing everyday things together inside a house, like cooking, playing the piano, playing games.

The "7 Days After" video has Ayako and Mamiko sitting on their beds, in different rooms singing.

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