Chukia de Chieri

ちゅきあ DE ちえり

released 2005.12.29 (Comic Market)
1000 yen

Chukia is a group made up of Oda Chieri, Fujimori Yukina, and Hamamoto Ayaka. This CD is a mix of drama and songs by Chukia, and went on sale at Comic Market (2005.12.29 and 12.30).

The vocal tracks are as follows.

  • Chukia (Chieri, Yukina, Ayaka)
  • Cherry Candy (Oda Chieri)
  • Can Keri (Oda Chieri)
  • WIZ (Hamamoto Ayaka)
  • Koi no Mahou (Fujimori Yukina)

There are three different versions of this CD, each featuring one of the girls. The CD itself is the same, but the jacket is different.