Odacche @ Neverland

おだっちぇ@ネバーランド (おだちえり)

800 yen
on sale 2004.12.29

This is Oda Chieri's debut CD, that went on sale at Comic Market 67 (December 29, 2004).

Chieri wrote the lyrics to both songs herself.

The tracks are as follows.
  1. Odacche @ Neverland
  2. Kisekae Ningyou
  3. Odacche @ Neverland (off vocal version)
  4. Kisekae Ningyou (off vocal version)
The CD is a color picture CD.

This CD comes in a very flimsy cardboard photo case, instead of the standard plastic case. This opens up to reveal a photo of Chieri without her pink outfit.

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