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  • Beyond the Bottom

    Beyond the Bottom (Wake Up Girls)

    released 2015.12.09
    1800 yen+tax

    This CD+DVD package contains the theme song to the anime movie Wake Up Girls Beyond the Bottom.

    The CD tracks are as follows.

    1. Beyond the Bottom
    2. Chikatetsu Labyrinth (地下鉄ラビリンス)
    3. Beyond the Bottom (Instrumental)
    4. Chikatetsu Labyrinth (Instrumental)
    Songs by the group Wake Up Girls.

    The members of Wake Up Girls are Yoshioka Mayu, Eino Airi, Tanaka Minami, Aoyama Yoshino, Yamashita Nanami, Okuno Kaya, Takagi Miyu.

    The DVD contains a promo video of "Beyond the Bottom".

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