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  • Bubble Gum Crisis Complete Vocal Collection Vol.1

    Bubblegum Crisis Complete Vocal Collection Vol.1

    released 1989.10.25
    3008 yen

    This CD contains vocals for the Bubble Gum Crisis OVA series.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Konya ha Hurricane (Ohmori Kinuko)
    2. Kodoku no Angel (Knight Sabers)
    3. Remember (Ohmori Kinuko)
    4. Mr.Dandy (Bluew)
    5. Mad Machine (Ohmori Kinuko)
    6. Thrill ni Odoru Angel tachi (Knight Sabers)
    7. Kizu darake no Wild (Ohmori Kinuko)
    8. Victory (Ohmori Kinuko)
    9. Asuhe no Touchdown (Knight Sabers)
    10. Wasurenaide (Ohmori Kinuko)
    11. Crisis (Tsubokura Yuiko)
    12. Akuma to Tenshi no Kiss (Knight Sabers)
    13. Twilight (Tsubokura Yuiko)
    Songs by Ohmori Kinuko, Tsubokura Yuiko, and the seiyuu group Knight Sabers.

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