Black Bullet

black bullet (fripSide)

released 2014.05.14
1800 yen+tax

This CD+DVD package contains the opening song to the TV anime Black Bullet.

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. black bullet
  2. pico scope -SACLA-
  3. black bullet (instrumental)
  4. pico scope -SACLA- (instrumental)
Songs by the group fripSide, singer Nanjou Yoshino (갦ǵ).

This is the 8th single by fripSide.

"Pico Scope" is the theme song to the animated promo video of SACLA, which is a X-ray laser at RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research).

The DVD contains about 15 minutes of video.

  • black bullet promo video
  • black bullet commentary
  • black bullet making of video
  • TV commercial (2 versions)
  • animated promo video of SACLA "pico scope"
The commentary is just the promo video, voice over talk by Nanjou Yoshino and another guy.

In the middle of May 2014, there was an advertisement for this CD in Akihabara with a large color picture of the back cover.

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