Elf wo Karu Mono Tachi Character's Songbook

エルフを狩るモノたち キャラクターズソングブック
Those Who Hunt Elves Character's Songbook

Ayers AYCM-567
1942 yen (without tax)
released 1997.05.21

This is a vocal (and karaoke) CD for the anime Elf wo Karu Mono Tachi.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Angel Blue (Airi version)
    Angel Blue (愛理 version) [song by 愛理]
  2. Kami no Misoshiru (Junpei image song)
    神のみそしる (淳平 image song) [song by 淳平]
  3. Pony Tail Soldier (Ritsuko image song)
    ポニーテール・ソルジャー (律子 image song) [song by 律子]
  4. Tensai ha Saigoni Yattekuru (Celsia version)
    天才は最後にやってくる (セルシア version) [song by セルシア]
  5. Angel Blue (Airi version karaoke)
  6. Kami no Misoshiru (original karaoke)
  7. Pony Tail Soldier (original karaoke)
  8. Tensai ha Saigoni Yattekuru (Celsia version karaoke)
Songs by Tomizawa Michie (富沢美智恵) (Airi), Seki Tomokazu (関智一) (Junpei), Miyamura Yuko (宮村優子) (Ritsuko), Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃) (Celsia).

Angel Blue is the OP song and Tensai ha Saigoni Yattekuru is the ED song of the anime series.

The lyrics booklet has many color pictures and line drawings of the characters. There is also a short message by each of the seiyuu about their song.

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