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  • Endless Kiss

    Endless Kiss (Kiss X Sis Character Song and Original Soundtrack Album)

    KICA-3120 KICA-3121
    released 2010.06.23
    3150 yen

    The 2 CD set contains character songs and BGM for the TV anime Kiss x Sis.

    The character song tracks (disc 1) are as follows.

    1. Koi suru Honey Beat (恋する HONEY BEAT) [Taketatsu Ayana]
    2. Suinan Destiny (ス・イ・ナ・ン Destiny) [Nagata Yoriko]
    3. Kyuusekkin Approach (急接近アプローチ) [Ohgame Asuka]
    4. STOP! Platina Scandal (STOP! プラチナスキャンダル) [Imai Asami]
    5. Daitan Love (大胆 LOVE) [Tatsumi Yuiko]
    The BGM disc (disc 2) contains the TV size versions of the opening and ending songs, Balance Kiss and Our Steady Boy.

    Songs by Taketatsu Ayana (竹達彩奈), Tatsumi Yuiko, Nagata Yoriko, Ohgame Asuka, Imai Asami.

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