With Healing Voice

With Healing Voice self help series

released 1996.09.05
2500 yen each

Here are all the titles I've seen listed in the "With Healing Voice" self help series. I've taken the liberty of changing katakana words to their English equivalent, and my own pathetic attempt at a translation (when necessary) is in parenthesis.

I recommend the entire set for all you stressed out, pregnant, forgetful, sickly lost souls with an image complex that just can't get a good nights sleep.

Voice Counselor Title Order Code
Hisakawa Aya Stress no Kaishou (relieve stress) KICP-2651
  Gakuryoku Up (increase learning abiltity) KICP-2655
Tange Sakura Relaxation KICP-2652
  Jisin no Kaifuku (regain self-confidence) KICP-2656
Touma Yumi Seishin no Antei (stabilize spirit) KICP-2653
  Kiokuryoku no Kyouka (stengthen memory) KICP-2657
Tomizawa Michie Plus Shisaku (Plus thinking) KICP-2654
  Taikyo (Pre-natal care) KICP-2660
Satou Yumi Health Care KICP-2658
  Kaiteki na Suimin (Pleasent Sleep) KICP-2659

Stress no Kaishou

There are three tracks on this CD, each one featuring some soothing new age music, and sounds of the sea. About a minute into the first track Hisakawa Aya's voice appears. She notices that you seem a little stressed out, and asks if things are rough at work. Then she leads you through a series of breathing and visualization exercises while the music and shoreline sounds play in the background. The last four minutes of the track is just music (it's about 15 minutes long)

The second track is all music and sea sounds, and is about 12 minutes long.

The third track starts off much like the other two. Hisakawa Aya shows up again in the third track for some more meditation exercises ("Antei...anshin...rerakusu...") Then she goes away. The music ends, leaving only the sea sounds. Then Hisakawa Aya comes back, convinces you that you are refreshed, and tells you to come back for your kokoro training every day. The last track is about 15 minutes long.

My thoughts: THIS IS AWESOME! I think it is now my favorite CD of all time. It is near perfect, in that it has all the things I want (Aya's beautiful soothing voice telling me nice things in easy Japanese, nice music and ocean sounds), and nothing that I don't want (animation, plot, or anything else to get in the way of my enjoyment) And believe it or not, it DOES seem to work! I listened to it all night, and I'm listening to it now!

[information provided by Joe Petrow]