Hirameki! Peace

Hirameki! Peace

released 2011.07.27
1890 yen

This CD contains the ending song to the TV anime R-15.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Hirameki! Peace (original version)
  2. Hirameki! Peace (original karaoke)
  3. Hirameki! Peace (instrument)
  4. Hirameki!
  5. [bonus track] Fukune no clarinet
Songs by R-15 Love, made up of the following seiyuu: Gouda Aya, Fukuhara Yurina, Kashiyama Nanami, Komatsu Mana, Tsumita Kayoko, Murakami Madoka, Murai Risako, Tsukimiya Midori.

The DVD contains the following.

  • non-credit version of the R-15 anime ending
  • promo video of "Majiyaba Mousou Love"
  • Ani Yume R-15 special edit part-2
This promo video is the "dancing against a white background with a stationary camera" version. But since the "real" promo video uses this video a lot, it's not that different. Actually, I like this one better.

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