Infinite Synthesis

infinite synthesis (fripside)

released 2010.12.01
3675 yen

3150 yen

This is an album for the group fripSide. The singer for the group fripSide is Nanjou Yoshino (갦ǵ).

The tracks are as follows.
  1. only my railgun
  2. LEVEL5 -judgelight-
  3. everlasting
  4. late in autumn
  5. future gazer
  6. Kanashii Seiza (ᤷ)
  7. crossing over
  8. closest love
  9. meditations
  10. trusty snow
  11. lost answer
  12. eternal pain
  13. stay with you

The first pressing comes with a DVD and photo booklet.

The DVD is around 25 minutes, and contains the following.

  • a promo video of "everlasting"
  • making of clips of the promo video
  • commercial clips for this album
  • History of fripSide 2009-2010
The promo video of "everlasting" was mostly shot in Hawaii (on top of some lava at the big island), and some parts of it were shot in Japan and features Minami Akina (Akkiina).

The History of fripSide video is interesting. They talk a little bit about each of their hits and promo videos.

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