Kawaii? Ne Darlin


released 2001.02.21
2200 yen

This is the debut album for the group Mami Choco. There is one song, one karaoke track, and many talk/drama tracks.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. かわいい?ねぇダーリン (Kawaii? Ne Darling)
  2. Virtual Radio Mami Choco no "Kawaii? Ne Darling"
  3. Mami Choco Jingle 1
  4. Omimayu-chan no "Doki Doki Tick Tock!"
  5. Mami Choco Jingle 2
  6. Mami Choco no "Kawaii? Ne Darling" Public Recording Special!
  7. Mami Choco Jingle 3
  8. Mi-ko no "Suki Suki Waku Waku!"
  9. Mini Drama "Doki Doki Waku Waku!"
  10. Ending
  11. Kawaii? Ne Darling (karaoke)
The lyrics booket has several color photos of Mayuko and Mieko.