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  • Lady's Song of Gall Force

    Lady's Song of Gall Force

    released 1990.08.25
    3000 yen

    This CD contains character vocals for the Gall Force anime.

    The tracks are as follows.
    1. Yoake no Prologue (Instrumental)
    2. Growing Up (Matsui Naoko)
    3. Moonlight Diamonds (Hara Eriko, Honda Chieko)
    4. Nervous Night (Tsuru Hiromi)
    5. In the Earth ~Ai to Iu Na no Hoshi de~ (Tomizawa Michie)
    6. Minami he Iku Kaze (Yamamoto Yuriko)
    7. Doki Doki Everyday (Watanabe Naoko)
    8. Day Dream (Kanda Waka, Mizutani Yuuko)
    9. Serious Eyes (Kawamura Maria)
    10. Dream Again [special version] (The GallForce)

    Songs by Matsui Naoko (ں), Hara Eriko (ꤳ), Honda Chieko (¿ηû), Tsuru Hiromi (Ҥ), Tomizawa Michie (ҷ), Yamamoto Yuriko, Watanabe Naoko (պ), Kanda Waka, Mizutani Yuko (ëͥ), Kawamura Maria (¼).

    The last song is sung by all 10 seiyuu.

    The lyrics booklet contains full body color photos of all seiyuu on the pages with their lyrics.

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