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    ALL ABOUT SCITRON 1996-1997 Special Sampler

    Scitron DSP-1281
    not for sale
    released 1997.03.??
    total time 47:30

    This CD contains short samples (around 1:00 to 1:15) of many songs and BGM found on recent Scitron CDs. During March and April of 1997, this CD was given out to people who bought a few other Scitron CDs.

    Tracks 1 to 19 are BGM tracks from the Scitron "Original Sound Trax" series of CDs. Tracks 20 to 29 are vocal and music tracks from the Scitron "Arrange Sound Trax" series of CDs. Tracks 30 to 36 are vocal and music tracks from the Scitron "Fantastic Character" series of CDs. Tracks 37 to 39 are music from "Oriental Magnetic Yellow". Track 40 is a 2:30 track of Open Sesame -Jikuu Ryokou- by Hikami Kyoko and Koyasu Takehito, which is the opening song to the radio show Game Dra Night.

    The tracks of interest to me (^_^;;) are as follows:

    • 21. Neo Geo Gals Vocal Collection "Heavy Baby's"
      (Horie Kaori, Sogi Akoya, Ikoma Harumi, Yumi Masae)
    • 28. Real Bout Garou Densetsu Special "Blue Mary's Blues" (Ikoma Harumi)
    • 30. Princess Maker "Yume Miru Yousei"
    • 31. FIST "Fist Yume wo Oikakete"
    • 32. Eternal Melody "Yumemiru Chikara"
    • 33. Aponashi Gals Olympos "Loving You"
    • 34. Hyper Securities S "Down Town Boy"
      (Minaguchi Yuko, Yoshida Konami, Toyoshima Machiko)
    • 35. Cross Romance "Kono Sora ha Doko ni Tudukuno?"
    • 36. Refrain Love "Anything Gone" (Iwao Junko)
    • 40. Open Sesame -Jikuu Ryokou- (Hikami Kyoko and Koyasu Takehito)

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