True Love Story Vocal Collection volume 1

True Love Story Vocal Collection volume 1

One-Der Entertainment WDCD-28017
released 1997.11.21
3000 yen

This CD contains vocals for the game True Love Story.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Katsuragi Ayane Monologue 1
    桂木綾音 Monologue 1
  2. Ashita Yuuki wo Dashite (Kikuchi Shiho)
    明日勇気をだして (菊池志穂)
  3. Tenno Midori Monologue 1
    天野みどり Monologue 1
  4. Kyoudai? Shinyuu? Koibito? (Fujino Kaoru)
    きょうし (藤野かほる)
  5. Katsuragi Ayane Monologue 2
    桂木綾音 Monologue 2
  6. Haru no Hi Damari (Yokoyama Chisa)
    春の日だまり (横山智佐)
  7. Tenno Midori Monologue 2
    天野みどり Monologue 2
  8. Dash (Toyoshima Machiko)
    ダッシュ (豊嶋真千子)
  9. Katsuragi Ayane Monologue 3
    桂木綾音 Monologue 3
  10. Akai Kasa (Tange Sakura)
    赤い傘 (丹下桜)
  11. Katsuragi Ayane & Tenno Midori Monologue 1
    桂木綾音&天野みどり Monologue 1
  12. Dareka ni Koishiteru (Nishimura Chinami)
    誰かに恋している (西村ちなみ)
  13. Tenno Midori Monologue 3
    天野みどり Monologue 3
  14. Coin no Negaigoto (Ogata Megumi)
    硬貨「コイン」の願い事 (緒方恵美)
  15. Katsuragi Ayane Monologue 4
    桂木綾音 Monologue 4
  16. Grand Prix (Yoshida Airi)
    グラン・ブレー (吉田愛理)
  17. Tenno Midori Monologue 4
    天野みどり Monologue 4
  18. Ru-Ru-Run Girl (Ikezawa Haruna)
    ル・ル・ルンGIRL (池澤春菜)
  19. Katsuragi Ayane & Tenno Midori Monologue 2
    桂木綾音&天野みどり Monologue 2
  20. Koi no Simulation (Kikuchi Shiho & Ikezawa Haruna)
    恋のシミュレーション (菊池志穂&池澤春菜)

About 10 seconds after the song on track 20 ends, there is an additional five minutes of free talk with Kikuchi Shiho and Ikezawa Haruna.

With the first pressing of this CD comes a special proof of purchase, that you must attach to a postcard and send out by November 30th, 1997 in order to be eligible to attend a True Love Story event on December 16th, 1997.

[information provided by Joe Petrow.]

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