Yakusoku Shiteyo? Isshodayo!

Yakusoku Shiteyo? Isshodayo! (Mimori Suzuko)

released 2013.07.03
1800 yen

This CD+DVD+novel package contains the second solo single by Mimori Suzuko (三森すずこ).

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. 約束してよ? 一緒だよ! (Yakusoku shiteyo? Issho dayo!)
  2. サマーバケーション (Summer Vacation)
  3. 約束してよ? 一緒だよ! (Instrumental)
  4. サマーバケーション (Instrumental)
The DVD contains the following.
  • promo video of "Yakusoku shiteyo? Issho dayo!"
  • dance shot version promo of "Yakushoku shiteyo? Issho dayo!"
  • making of video
This is also a little booklet containing a novel called "Jingle Love Story 2nd Chapter".

During the last week of June 2013, there was an store window display for this CD at Gamers Akihabara.