Oneechan to Issho Soukan Junbigou


Pony Canyon DC-0195
AnimeV 1996.12 + 500 yen
around 21 minutes
released 1996.11.mid

This is the CD single that was given away with AnimeV December 1996. There is going to be a series of お姉ちゃんといっしょ (Oneechan to Issho) CDs coming out for one year, starting on 12/16 (January 1997 issue). It will be a full length CD, and it will be 1200 yen each. Also Kikuko will have a monthly column starting in AnimeV.

Kikuko read a message from the staff: We will leave the proceeding to onee-chan. This isn't because we are lazy, nor is it because we are expecting a lot from onee-chan's skills in leading the program. This is because we feel this is what the fans want to hear. The recording will be done in real time, and even if onee-chan starts laughing for 30 minutes, we won't stop the tape. The only directions that we will give will be to correct mistakes. We will also wait so that we can fulfill onee-chan's wishes, like if she wants to eat a cake or play a song.

Kikuko: What if I want to eat one million cakes. They'll bring it to me? Well, since I'm an adult now, I shouldn't be so selfish..

The only corner that has been fixed is the song corner. The listeners can send in requests for the type of songs that they want to hear. The music will be written by Kawai Kenji, and the lyrics will be written by Hasegawa Sora. Kikuko will choose the postcard each month, and the song will be done by the next month. (Not a complete song with full music, but something like a demo tape.)

Kikuko had some musical instruments in the studio. There were bells, tamborine, maracas, and castanets. Kikuko then made up a song and sang it.

Kikuko: This maracas is shaped funny. What shape do you think it is? 1. green peppers, 2. banana, 3. takoyaki.
I'll answer it in the January CD.

There will also be a おやつの時間 (dessert time) on the CD. For this CD, Kikuko had a taiyaki. Before eating, Kikuko made some tea for herself. She drank the tea and then ate the taiyaki, from the tail end.

Kikuko said that she likes tsubu-an now. When she was little, she liked koshi-an, but now she likes tsubu-an.

Kikuko: When I can't sleep, I play shiritori by myself.

Then Kikuko started playing shiritori by herself, for a few minutes. Sometimes she stopped to comment on the words that she picked. After a while, the people outside of the booth started signaling to her. Kikuko didn't understand what they meant. They were telling her to get on with it, and read the address for the letters.

Kikuko read the address.

Inoue Kikuko no Gekkan Onee-chan to Issho
Pony Canyon
2-1-1 Irifune
Chuou, Tokyo 104

Kikuko returned to playing shiritori by herself again.

Then Kikuko got stuck at れ (re). After thinking for a while, Kikuko said, "レッツゴー (lets' go)."

Kikuko: I'm like a gaijin. I can say English in shiritori.

The next thing that Kikuko said was, "五五二十 (5 times 5 is 20)."

Kikuko: That's right isn't it?

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