Oneechan to Issho 2 Gatsugou


Pony Canyon PCCG-00372
1200 yen
around 69 minutes
released 1997.01.18


Kikuko is still ending her sentences with ぴょん (pyon).

On the day of the recording, when Kikuko opened the door, she was surprised because it was pouring. She had to go put on a rain coat, and later she noticed (when she was at the train station) that she had put on the rain coat over her normal coat.

Kikuko said she wears one piece dresses a lot because then she doesn't have to worry about finding clothes that go together well.

Kikuko: Please call me oneechan.

oyatsu no corner

The first corner was the oyatsu no corner.

Kikuko said that she didn't discuss this with the staff, as they would probably tell her to move this corner further back. Kikuko said that there were a lot of chocolates in front of her, she couldn't stand waiting.

Kikuko opened up her first chocolate and started eating it.
Then Kikuko opened another box and ate another chocolate.
Then Kikuko opened another one and ate another one.

Then Kikuko opened another one and ate another one, VIP chocolate, with lots of little chocolates.

When Kikuko was opening the Tiramisu chocolate, there was a sign from the directors.. "Don't just eat for 10 minutes!"

But Kikuko kept eating the Tiramisu chocolate. Kikuko says she loves Tiramisu.


After finishing the Tiramisu, she went to the next corner, just reading letters.

The time lag (from the recording until the CD is released) is about a month and a half. But sometimes Kikuko will read the letter a couple months later, so it doesn't matter that much.

Someone suggested a new corner. Guess what dessert Kikuko will eat in the next CD.. But since there is a time lag, it will be hard to do. So everyone can just put their guesses at the end of their postcard.

Kikuko said that if people guessed correctly, they will get a tambourine as a present. Then Kikuko said that there might be too many winners, so she said 20 or 50 people.. But the director put up a sign saying make it around 10. Kikuko said that wasn't enough and said 20.

Kikuko's song corner

The song for the letter that was chosen last month was made. The title was Mukuchi na Tabibito.

Kikuko played the song. It was Thai-like music.
[This song is on track 7.]

Then she was going to choose the song for next month.. but Kikuko still had a lot of chocolate in front of her, so she opened another one and started eating it.

Kikuko read some letters, and made up some of her own songs.

Kikuko also had a choco-baby in front of her. She was going to use it like maracas. But with a new one (full), it wouldn't make a good sound, so Kikuko ate some.. and started talking about the choco-baby instead of singing. But she did make up a song and sang it.

Then Kikuko chose a letter for next month's song. It was a fast song that one can dance to, like one that Aikawa Nanase sings.

Kikuko likes these fast songs, and wants to dance.. in a mini skirt, with belly button showing!

Then Kikuko opened up another box of chocolate and started eating it.


Kikuko started playing shiritori again.

Someone suggested that they send in words to be used in shiritori.

Kikuko ate some more chocolates.

Then Kikuko wanted to eat some of foreign chocolates (France, England, Germany, and America) that she brought.

The previous night she had a hard battle with herself as she wanted to eat the chocolate, but she couldn't..

Kikuko went to a fortune teller in Shinjuku, and the fortune teller guessed that Kikuko loved sweet things. The fortune teller told her that Kikuko's luck would go down if she ate too many sweet things. So Kikuko stopped eating for sweets for three days.. but she couldn't keep it up.

The French chocolate had a cherry in it. Kikuko said, "Konnichiha." to the cherry.. and made a song for it.

Time was running out (the ending music started playing in the background).

The March issue goes on sale 2/21.

Kikuko wanted to play shiritori to end it, but she couldn't think of anything.. and she kept talking.

This CD ends abruptly, in the middle of Kikuko talking..

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