Oneechan to Issho 3 Gatsugou


Pony Canyon PCCG-00373
1200 yen
around 69 minutes
released 1997.02.21


Kikuko said that she was listening to her own CD on a CD radio cassette player. She looked in the window of the CD, and noticed that the CD was spinning very fast. She wondered why the CD was spinning so fast when she was talking so slow..

Kikuko was using a dummy head microphone, which was like a ball (a sphere) in shape. So Kikuko went to the left and right ears and talked. (Very noticeable with headphones.) Kikuko named the microphone "Banbaban" (because it looks similar to Banpei-kun), and made a song about it.

Kikuko said that there was also a Banpei-kun nuigurumi in the studio, and the dummy head microphone and it were just like brothers.

Kikuko also made up a song about "Banbaban".

Song corner

Kikuko played the song that was chosen last month. It was a fast rock song, in the style of Aikawa Nanase, called Tsumi to Batsu. (A very cool song!)
[This song is on track 5.]

Kikuko said that it was very hard to sing, and took a long time. She listened to Aikawa Nanase's CD, and she tried singing it in a similar "shout" style, but it didn't work. So she just tried her best. Kikuko used her low voice for this song.

Kikuko read some of the letters to choose the next song. For the songs that weren't chosen, Kikuko made up songs and sang. For one of the songs, Kikuko sang into the dummy head microphone, and moved around from one ear to the other.

Kikuko also wrote a song for Hasegawa Takako, her manager.

The song that Kikuko chose was a self-duet song, where Kikuko sings both voices. Kikuko really likes Pink Lady, and songs which have harmony. (Kikuko said that her favorite Pink Lady song was Nagisa no Sindbad, and that she wanted to do a cute song.)

Oyatsu corner

The oyatsu (snack) this month was fruits parfait. Instead of just eating it, Kikuko made the fruits parfait in the studio!

Kikuko did the corner in a "cooking show" style. Since Kikuko likes chocolate parfait more than fruits parfait, she was going to add chocolate to the fruits parfait. Kikuko called it fruits parfait with chocolate bananne oishii oishii. (フルーツ・パフェ・ウィズ・チョコレート・バンナヌ おいしいおいしい).

Kikuko talked while cooking, and you can hear the sounds in the background as she was mixing. She also sang a little bit while mixing too.

Kikuko said that when she cooks herself, she tries not to put in too much sugar. But when she tasted the cream that she was making, it wasn't sweet enough so she added more sugar.

Kikuko: Tamago-san, tamago-san, maze maze shimasho, maze shimasho.
[Kikuko was mixing cream, not eggs..]

Kikuko's favorite fruits were bananas and persimmons, because they are sweet.

Kikuko made one mistake when making the parfait. She wanted to put a cherry at the bottom, so that she can "find" it last, but she forgot. She put one at the top.

After she was done making the parfait, Kikuko took some pictures with a digital camera.
[It will probably be in the Onee-chan to Issho page at]

Then she ate the parfait.

Kikuko loves the combination of chocolate and parfait.

Kikuko: One plus one isn't two, it's one hundred.

Kikuko just ate and didn't talk... except saying, "Oishii, oishii." (You can hear the sounds of the spoon.)

Then Kikuko got a message telling her to talk. But Kikuko said, "Please wait some more.." and ate 2/3 of the parfait.

Shiritori corner

Kikuko started playing shiritori. On some subjects, Kikuko went in depth and talked about it.

Kikuko was going to say Attack Number 1, but she just said attack.
[if the word ended with "one", she would lose.]

Then she told the story of her decision to become a seiyuu. Kikuko was going to junior college to become a junior high school teacher, but when she went to actual training (in October), she knew that she couldn't do it. Then in November or December, she watched a rerun of Attack Number 1, and was very moved. So Kikuko decided to become a seiyuu (she thought about it for 15 minutes).

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