Oneechan to Issho 4 Gatsugou


Pony Canyon PCCG-00374
1200 yen
around 69 minutes
released 1997.03.21

Osenbei to sailor fuku no fukuzatsu na kankei wo kousa suru gou


The jacket picture for this issue has Kikuko in a sailor fuku.

Kikuko talked about it.. "There might be some people who got surprised at seeing the jacket. I thought about what kind of clothes would fit the spring season the best, and I came up with the sailor fuku. I hope you like it."

"If you think fuzakeruna.. I'm sorry. But I really like sailor fuku. My junior high and high school wasn't a sailor fuku, so I was very happy to wear it."


Then Kikuko went on to play shiritori. Instead of normal shiritori, she decided to choose a topic for her answers. Kikuko did shiritori by answering with proverbs, or a phrase that sounded like a proverb. Then for each one, Kikuko tried to explain the proverb..


After playing shiritori for a while, Kikuko read some letters.

Someone asked what the cutoff time was for using "konnichiha" (good day) and "konbanha" (good evening). Kikuko also has a hard time deciding what greeting to use. In her working world, the greeting is "ohayou" (good morning) no matter what time of day it is. So Kikuko said that one should use "konnichiha" when you can still eat snacks. If it gets too close to dinner time, one should use "konbanha".

Kikuko had created a corner for guessing the snacks of future jackets. (Kikuko has a different outfit and snack for each jacket picture.) But there were so many letters for the guessing, and it was too hard to gather the totals, and set the cutoff date. So they will stop this corner. Instead of giving the tambourine to the listeners with the correct guesses, they will choose 20 people each month to give the tambourine.

Kikuko got a new instrument this month, a flute. She tried to do the doppler effect with the flute.

Then Kikuko made a song for "good bye to the oyatsu guessing corner", with the flute.. After a while, Kikuko realized that she couldn't sing if she was playing the flute. So she just played the flute as intro music, and then sang.

snack time

The snack this month was "osenbei" (rice crackers). Kikuko had a box of rice crackers (14 rice crackers in the box). Kikuko made tea to go with the osenbei, but she made too much.
Kikuko: When you hear the sound of someone eating rice crackers, don't you feel like eating one too? I'm sorry.

song corner

The song that was chosen last month was a "duet by herself". The demo song was completed, and Kikuko played it, Niteruyone (似てるよね).
[This song is on track 10.]

It was a song about two sisters who are alike, very similar to Kikuko and her older sister.

Kikuko read some of the letters before choosing the next song.

A listener had reserved all the of the CDs, and had 10 reservation tickets left. He said that the tickets and CDs are inversely related: when one increases, one will decrease. Kikuko said that it was like reading a book, the more pages read means there are fewer pages left. Then Kikuko made a song about "increasing and decreasing". The only lyrics were "increasing" and "decreasing".. But later Kikuko added more lyrics.. (^_^;)

Kikuko said that she was born in Tokyo, but moved to Kanagawa when she was 4 years old. But her parents are from Kagoshima.

Kikuko made a song about raccoons. She had maracs in her right hand, and bells in her left hand.
Kikuko: I wish you can see me now, I look so cool.

The song chosen to be written was a "gaki daishou no uta" (a child bully song), that was similar to Warera Minerva Shin'eitai a marching rhythm song from the anime Princess Minerva.

Kikuko said that she couldn't put a gaki daishou song on a CD, so they will do a song like the Minerva Shin'eitai song.

Then Kikuko made up a gaki daishou song, and sang it in the voice of a little boy.


Kikuko went back to doing shiritori. She chose the topic, math.
Kikuko: But I'm very bad at math.

Kikuko thought and thought, but couldn't come up with anything. So she changed the topic to social studies (and history).

After a while, it got to hard, so Kikuko switched to normal shiritori.

Kikuko collects shells.
Kikuko: They are beautiful, better than any jewelry.

Kikuko wondered about the lump of a camel.
Kikuko: What is in the lump? Water? You can drink it when you get thirsty. Isn't that right?

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